Exhibiting a Hotel Facilities Management Expo

Avoiceo Limited

AI Voice Assistants (such as Amazon Alexa & Google Home) offer property operators the opportunity to enhance their guests experience from taking the product out of the box with the many `standard features these products offer. As an operator, you`re already winning by having the standard....imagine if you could deliver the outstanding though, well you can with Avoiceo.

Avoiceo provides that something extra, those magic and sprinkles, and deliver you the wow factor on top of standard. Avoiceo is a hotel specific skill service which augments, or replaces, the traditional in-room guest booklet and frequent dealings with front desk staff.

Much more than just a `nice to have`, working with Avoiceo will turn the unknowns in to knowns, will complete any gaps in the training of your staff and deliver the five star in-room guest experience that you strive to achieve.

In doing so it delivers:
Improved Guest Experience - 21st Century service with personality
Reduce Costs - Save on staff and general operational costs
Increase Revenues - Increase direct and indirect hotel spend

Stand Number: 4702