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ClickitUp® is so much more than a balustrade system

Its Registered Design brings with it so many advantages for the commercial user in eating areas, bars, pool sides, etc. add an optional lifting pane and you have an effective wind break - enhancing your customers experience and your profits.

This in an easy to use design that has proven reliability, the benefits include:
• ClickitUp® is first a simple aluminium & glass balustrade system
• Add an optional lifting pane operated by gas lifts - gives you an easy to use but effective wind-break
• Using ClickitUp® clearly defines your business - especially on pavement side restaurants
• Improve customer appeal - by separating public areas from your business
• With ClickitUp® raised reduce noise, dust and airborne debris - enhance customer experience
• Generate more profit - by extending the hours of use by day and throughout the year
• With ClickitUp® raised reduce the likelihood of walk by theft - a conventional barrier leaves personal belongings left on tables and chairs at risk of theft, especially in pavement side restaurants
• Gated access available within the system - control access to your business
• Gated access and lifting panes can be lockable in the closed and raised position - secure your business overnight
• Gated access means you can turn ClickitUp® into a square or rectangle - for use as serveries in a hotel, a meeting room perhaps or even a concession business
• Consistent reliability and minimal maintenance - peace of mind
Tested and certified for use in Building Occupancy Class 3 - 1200 mm sections
• 3 Areas where people might congregate - areas having fixed seating within 530mm of the barrier
• Areas with tables or fixed seating - restaurants and bars
• Areas susceptible to over-crowding - footways or footpaths less than 3 metres wide, adjacent to sunken areas
• Retail areas - all retail areas including banks, building societies or betting shops

ClickitUp® - so much more than a balustrade


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