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Challenger Lighting Services Limited

Scheduled Lighting Maintenance
We provide structured scheduled lighting maintenance service contracts which are tailored to the client`s needs, ensuring that the lighting continues to operate at designed levels. This includes repositioning of light sources within the retail environment, as and when merchandise is rotated. Challenger prices are transparent, fixed for two years, inclusive of mileage, time and return to site visits. Once agreed the client can budget, with certainty, fixed costs within their budgetary process.

Over time, light output from traditional light sources can diminish by up to 50%. Routine relamping involves a total change of all lamps before the majority of this drop off occurs. This form of preventative maintenance using high quality components can avoid call out costs for one off lamp replacements and ensure light output and colour consistency across the site.

LED Lighting Maintenance
The nature of LED lighting and all the electronics involved will see a percentage of premature failures. The rapid development of LED technology can create issues when finding replacement components, as forward voltages and drive currents change on generation updates. Our knowledge in this area means we are best placed to deal with any issues that may arise.

Online Monitoring
Using the latest on line monitoring systems helps us see failures even before they happen enabling us to ensure sites always have their lighting systems full operational. Emergency lighting tests will report any failed luminaires down to battery charge faults or failed light source, this then can send reports of what has failed so engineers can attend site as soon as possible to avoid health and safety issues.

Lighting Control
Lighting controls offer the ability to control individual or groups of luminaires though occupancy and daylight sensing. There is no limit to the amount of luminaires controlled. The design can be defined so that lighting system switches and dims in logical groups. Adding lighting controls to a lighting scheme can save up to an additional 20% in energy costs.

Lighting controls can also report failures and conduct automatic emergency lighting tests.

Lighting Plus
Smart building infrastructure builds upon the energy savings opportunities offered by lighting control and extends automation capabilities with control of heating, air conditioning, valves and appliance sockets.

Quality Lighting Products
We only use high quality components and luminaires from leading manufacturers, including the latest in high quality energy efficient light sources. We offer a full guarantee on control gear for a minimum of 5 years with lamps in line with European Branded manufacturers` guarantees. Luminaires carry on-site guarantees for up to 7 years.

We consider best in class energy efficient solutions which could be T5 as well as LED lighting and always ensure that the product is fit for purpose, not just current fashion.

We are unique in that we carry out our own in-house testing to validate manufacturers performance figures

Audit and Survey
We carry out on-site power measurements, detailing existing luminaire numbers and we calculate the load of the current lighting installation. We also carry out a post-installation energy audit to confirm both energy and carbon reduction following the installation of a lighting upgrade.

We agree with the client luminaire style and cost optimization, advise on the most cost effective through life solution taking into account both CAPEX and OPEX demands then provide recommendations for warranted luminaires. We consider best in class energy efficient solutions which could be T5 as well as LED lighting and always ensure that the product is fit for purpose, not just current fashion.

Lighting Design
We offer a full Relux lighting design service, complete with the required technical information and projected results in conjunction with the specified manufacturer for the project.

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