Exhibiting a Hotel Facilities Management Expo


Confidence is knowing that your laptop, and valuables are safe even while on the move. No need to worry if the hotel room has a safe or be concerned about your briefcase or backpack while in a restaurant, bar or coffee shop. Work remotely or in a shared office? Need to leave your briefcase or backpack in the car while you run an errand or pick up your kids? Eversafe has the solution. For safety, security and peace of mind its a game changer. Eversafe`s patented Secure Portable Encasement System incorporating the revolutionary Eversafe SafeDock is the answer to an age old problem. Eversafe is a unique two part system offering a portable robust lightweight briefcase style safe or a secure highly `cut resistance` backpack incorporating security features only available from Eversafe. When paired with the Eversafe SafeDock all Eversafe cases and backpacks lock down securely to floors, porches, walls, in a car or workvan.

Eversafe is a game changer and for those in the hospitality industry customers will soon be asking - do you have Eversafe?

Eversafe will both drive in custom and generate revenue. Hotel properties which currently do not offer safes will be able to offer the hire of an Eversafe as an option for an additional fee or as an amenity for preferred or loyal customers. Additionally installing Eversafe`s SafeDocks in your properties will attract custom from those who have their own Eversafe.



Stand Number: 4140