Exhibiting a Hotel Facilities Management Expo

FitBank Health Group

FitBank Health Group offers Radic8 air purification/sterilisation Technology to the HFM market.

Using brand new technology straight from NASA and with a stylish design our products are perfect for offering clean, sterilised air free from ALL airborne viruses and bacteria.

FitBank offer the Virus Killing Radic8 products, plus the amazing INBAIR02, the first recreational Oxygen Purification device. This is perfect for clients who want to recouperste, feel more energised and breathe 40% Oxygen without needing a tank and also being mobile or static is their choice.

We offer full installation and maintenance for facilities wishing to offer their clients the best possible clean air environments.

We offer Health PR in the form offer the `We Share Clean Air `campaign and are currently working with hotels, leisure, spa`s, schools, offices and more are coming on board daily.

We`d love to hear your thoughts and to see if we could together help make your environments healthier and cleaner for your clients, customers and staff.

FitBank Health Group

Stand Number: 4280