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Inspire and support travellers by sharing and upselling local expertise directly on their mobile phones. With your 24/7 Mobile Concierge on the award-winning travel platform myLike. Its digital, its mobile and right at your guests` fingertips: It allows you to generate direct bookings and revenue through up-selling without dedicated hardware or software. Available as stand-alone service or integrated with your existing websites and systems.

Connected guests: be relevant, be digital, be inspiring

Enrich your guests` journey and help them plan and make the best out of their trips. Provide your tips anytime before and during their stay on all available channels with the Mobile Concierge. Share your inspiring insights after they leave so they return or recommend you to their friends on any social channels.


Designed as a progressive web app (PWA) myLike's digital concierge easily integrates into existing workflows and systems with interactive maps and deep-links. Use myLike as a standalone solution or add myLike to your websites, apps, info systems, social media channels. No barriers, no setup cost, no hassle.

Digital Marketing: share your insights and be visible

Get found through your great tips and motivate guests to book your hotel and experiences you can recommend. Make them return by keeping them up to date about your area via your mobile concierge. myLike is for free for the private user.

Increase revenue

Generate direct bookings with myLike's digital concierge and upsell your local offerings and activities. Get recommended by your guests to their private network. Nothing beats a great tip from a friend!

Best Travel App: be loved, get recommended

Guests get your local expertise directly on their mobile phone using myLike as their travel planner: digital, geolocated and easy to navigate to. They can contribute own content while staying synced with your valuable tips. Social sharing functions enable them to recommend you and your insights to their friends with myLike, the award-winning travel platform.


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