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In recent years water shortage has been observed in several countries. To solve this problem long term, a change in both water and energy consumption is required. Part of the solution is a change in human behavior. 

Showering is an area with high water and energy consumption – especially in the hotel industry – and therefore an area for intervention. 

Do you know your time under the shower?

In average a Dane showers for 6.5 minutes. 13 % of all Danes shower for more than 10 minutes and the younger the person is, the longer they shower.

The average shower time in UK is 8 minutes.

A case study based in Denmark shows that the average shower time for a hotel guest in is 9.2 minutes. The data was collected via a ShowerEcoGuide and highlights the need for interventions.

By visualizing the guests shower behavior while showering, ongoing hotel case studies shows positive results. In average hotel guests shower 1.5 minute less when they become aware of their behavior.

Do you know how much a shower costs you?

In Denmark, the average daily shower will cost 0.81-1.34 EUR per day or 294-490 EUR annually.

This cost can be altered when you use water limiters, eco, or standard shower heads. 

In the UK, the average water bill annually is £393 for a family home. Again, cost dependant on home and accessory efficiency.

By using ShowerEcoGuide four main advantages are achieved:

1. Water consumption is reduced accommodating the water shortage problem.

2. Energy consumptions is reduced due to reduction in hot water consumption leading to lower CO2 emissions.

3. Waste water emission to the sewer is reduced which has a positive effect on the capacity in waste water treatment facilities.

4. Financial savings are achieved due to lower energy and water consumption.

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