A Digital Key That Fits Every Hotel Lock!

Restaurant Tech Live blog post 1

A master key for hotels is now available! Researchers at F-Secure - a cyber security firm - have created a device that can accumulate data from all hotel key cards, creating a key that can pretty much open any door in one building. 

The device will take data from any card whether it’s fully functional or not and will grant the user access to nearly any room in the hotel within just a few minutes. 

The idea behind this device began in 2003, when a laptop belonging to colleague of the researchers was taken from his hotel room. Nothing was really done about this matter, due to the fact there was no sign of a forced entry and no unauthorised access was recorded. 

The device took years to develop, and the F-Secure team have assured sceptics who question the security of their invention, that these types of devices are not being used maliciously. 

The locks developed by VingCard, now owned by Assa Abloy - the largest lock manufacturer in the world - were the locks the F-Secure team were targeting. The VingCard system is used in 42,000 properties across 166 countries, and over the past year, Assa Abloy and F-Secure have been working together to fix any weak spots that have been exploited by the master key device. 

Over the years, hotels have been the victim of malicious attacks including credit card info-swiping malware, keyloggers installed on publicly available hotel computers and exploits of hotel WiFi. And others have made devices that crack key card locks as well.