Increase Profit Margin by Selecting the Right Mobile Ordering System

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Mobile Ordering Systems are very trendy in the catering, hotel and leisure businesses such as bars, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, spas or cruise lines. It’s a well-known fact that E-commerce increases revenues in all types of businesses. 

To select the right system that targets your business’ individual needs, here is a list of topics you might want to address:

Look & Feel

Each business works hard to create their own identity. It is vital that any new technology installed respects and adapts to business identity. Customization is an important feature of any Mobile Ordering System for recognisability.

Guest experience

Guest experience is always a key factor. The chosen system must be able to adapt to business’ sales process. Integration of pictures increases product attractiveness and customer satisfaction. 


To have success with tourists or in a multilingual environment, language barriers should not be a concern. The chosen Mobile Ordering System must be available in the guests preferred language. 

Integration with Point Of Sales (POS)

Used directly by clients or by the staff only, it is important for the Ordering System to be fully integrated to the POS to increase efficiency and streamline order processing time. Integration greatly increases staff productivity. 

Back-end and Kitchen Display

Back-end and Kitchen Display must be available to optimise the functionality of the Mobile Ordering System and the efficiency of the order management.

The Ordering System should easily give the opportunity to update the menu, the prices, the availability and promote some interesting offers to increase revenue.

Targeted marketing campaigns

The Mobile Ordering System must allow the possibility to create new sales opportunities and targeted marketing campaigns in a few clicks. 

Management tool – Use your data

All the data provided by a Mobile Ordering tool must serve internal management. Many reports must be available to assist the management team. Should a specific report be needed, the system must be flexible enough to create the most useful reports and to extract the most relevant data. 

Overall, and as per the Austrian Institute of Marketing OGM, a restaurant that integrates the right Mobile Ordering System, can expect an increase of business revenue of 8.5% due to the following main factors: 

- Efficiency 
- Gaining time
- Working ordering process improvement
- Improvement in services
- Important reduction of the cost generated by mistakes when ordering to servers
- Integration with POS

Experience demonstrates that this increase in revenue can even reach 15 % when it is installed in sectors where services are difficult due to specific environments such as: bars and events, huge surface areas, pools and beaches or where a long list of products are available like activities on a cruise ship.

MenuPlus was developed in 2014 and since then, our highly experienced team has designed it to be used in the best practice to increase ancillary revenues as well as general revenues, while reducing operational costs for hospitality operations. 

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