New Era of Hotel Automation

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The hotel industry has been living in the dark side of technological advances for too long. However, the industry is evolving in some parts of the world. To get a glimpse of the future we have to turn our eyes to Norway. Norway is one of the leading countries when it comes to automated hotels, and guests are embracing it at an unprecedented level. You probably imagine that reception free hotels will score lower when it comes to level of service, but history dictates differently. Guests love it, and so do hotel managers after coming to terms with the fact that this is the way it has to be.

Why is the industry so slow at adapting? Well, hotel automation sounds like a simple task, but as a matter of fact it is everything but. Many have tried, and many have given up, as there are quite a few obstacles to overcome when it comes to automating hotels. Here are the most prominent ones:

1. Different programs do not speak well with one another. If you set out on a quest of hotel automation you have to make sure that all systems involved cooperate with each other. Stubborn systems rarely plays well with other systems, and as such, having more than one supplier in a system is a recipe for trouble.

2. When removing receptions you really need great digital communication with your guests so they feel like they are well attended to. Sophisticated communication needs to be implemented to let the guests know to which room they have been assigned or moved to. A computer system for automation needs to be smart. It has to understand the need of the guest, automatically understand and assign guests a clean room, check them in and out, let them choose which extra services they require and a lot more.

3. Another layer of cleverness needs to be added into to the booking system. The phrase IoT (Internet of Things) finally starts to make sense in the hotel world. An automated hotel needs to communicate in real-time with things like access control, air conditioning, heating, a personal guest assistant and so on.

4. You need to eliminate the need for physical items that a human need to hand out. Access cards, keys, key cards, cash payments and paper receipts are all things you need to find substitutes for.

Hotel automation technologies are on the uprise, and definitely here to stay. GetShop has mastered all aforementioned points and implemented everything in one single system. Contrary to what most hotel managers believe, guests do not have the need for a reception. The majority just wants to sleep (the cheaper, the better). When they get used to staying in hotels without receptions, they never want to go back to the old ways.

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