How Flexkeeping Revolutionises Hotel Operations and Housekeeping

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To determine the extent to which the Flexkeeping solution benefits Hotel Operations and internal work processes in hotels, an internal study in cooperation with Union Hotels in Ljubljana was conducted.

The Union Hotels comprise 4 hotels with 576 rooms located in the city centre of Ljubljana, Slovenia. One of the properties is the iconic and prominent Grand Hotel Union, where Queen Elizabeth II stayed while in Slovenia, and which serves as the official hotel for state visits.

The study was based on data obtained during a 30-day trial period in a business hotel with 173 rooms and the average occupancy rate of 82%. It closely examined the departments of Housekeeping, Front Office and Maintenance.

These were our findings: 

182 man-hours saved

Prompter and faster organisation of work processes, optimised movement of employees throughout the property, significantly reduced number of internal phone calls and instant insights into work processes were the key factors contributing to time savings.

Up to 60% faster check-in process

Flexkeeping allows receptionists to gather all necessary information about the current room status in real time, with one glance at a computer screen, and to stop relying on other means of communication, like using the phone in front of guests. This not only shortened the check-in process, but also improved the quality of service and guest experience.

350% increase in reported maintenance issues

All employees of the hotel can report any maintenance-related issues instantly, in a simple, fast and efficient way – by photo capture. Consequently, the number of reported issues increased drastically, resulting in much faster task completion and extremely well maintained hotel rooms and public areas. Previously, a lot of information was lost due to unclear verbal communication and paper notes.

Optimised room service orders and mini bar control 

Any room service order can be saved in the app, and sent to the kitchen, where the order and its current status can be tracked and assigned to be brought to the guest after preparation.

Fast and prompt mini bar controls can be carried out daily, and the consumption can be charged to guest accounts immediately. The Front Office benefits from real-time information and the number of mini bar rebates dropped significantly. The newly implemented system of mini bar control also resulted in smaller mini bar inventory loss.

Increased employee satisfaction

Employee satisfaction increased significantly. Lighter workload and less stress, transparent work processes and procedures, real-time information without constant telephone calls, less distractions, smarter work planning and increased productivity were the key factors that made employees happier.

Famous last words? 

We’ll let Milan Sajovic, General Manager, and Barbara Polak, Executive Housekeeper from Union Hotels, speak for us: 

“Flexkeeping has made a huge difference in the work processes in our hotel. We speeded up the flow of information and made it more reliable, which resulted in better work planning and more efficient control over completed tasks.”

 “...with Flexkeeping we got a revolution! The workflow in our department is smooth, the number of errors has decreased enormously, we save a lot of time, have much better productivity and most importantly, we work stress-free."

What’s new?

A common occurrence in today’s Housekeeping department is the multi-lingual staff, and to avoid misunderstandings or lost time, Flexkeeping features an inbuilt voice control and translations option, breaking down the communication barrier among employees instantly. In practice, a task is created for a particular employee in English and is immediately translated into the chosen language of the recipient, who can listen to the task or read it. 

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