Latest Tech in the Hospitality Sector: Why hotels should invest in a TV system?

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Information and Interactive TV Systems have revolutionised the way hotels interact with their guests. Now TV Systems can transform the hotel room TV into a fully customisable, guest directory and a sales & marketing tool, providing hoteliers with a wide range of features. 

From personalised welcome messages and useful information pages to advanced PMS integration and express purchasing, TV systems are a must for all hotels looking to increase guest in-room spend. 

Although implementing a TV system can be seen as a moderate investment and not all features are suitable to all hotels, it can save hospitality businesses future costs, and ultimately, increase hotel revenue in a number of ways.

Guest Directory

TV Systems can significantly reduce costs by eliminating the need for printed guest directories and enabling hotels to provide their guests with vital information updated in real time. From information about safety, room amenities and local attractions, to hotel services and ‘things to do’, information is easy to update and publish instantly from any location. Therefore, the TV acts as a digital guest directory and sales brochure, reducing the need for printed in-room collateral and time spent on information update.

Furthermore, such Information TV systems are ideal for small and independent hotels looking to impress guests with a TV platform in an affordable way.

PMS Integration

To take it a step further, integrating a TV System with your PMS (Property Management Systems) can provide a great competitive advantage. It allows for personalising welcome screen greetings, in-room purchases, express check-out and guest messaging from reception directly on the TV. 

For example, guests can receive targeted, real time group messages from reception about daily events and promotions or get personalised messages regarding their purchases or transport arrangements. This functionality can greatly enhance the guest’s experience and communication with the hotel.

Furthermore, PMS integration enables hoteliers to sell products and services directly through the room TV and, once purchased, a purchase request is automatically sent to the hotel reception for processing and cost is added to the room bill.

In-Room Purchasing

With the constant technological innovations, customer increasingly value the ease of purchasing products and services. For instance, 74% of hotel guests are open to receiving customised offers and loyalty promotions. Furthermore, guests nowadays are a lot more informed and are constantly comparing products and prices to make their choice. These trends make it much more difficult for hotels to up-sell to guests during their stay.

TV Systems can be an effective sales & marketing tool

Interactive TV systems offer a great opportunity for hoteliers to offer in-room promotions and special offers directly on the hotel room TV. Guests can, then, browse these offers and products at their leisure and, with the click of a button, effortlessly make a purchase. 

In fact, some of the most commonly sold items on the room TV are:

- Late check-outs
- Room Service
- Spa Treatments
- Gift vouchers
- Special offers

As TV platforms link seamlessly with the hotel PMS, Product purchase is made quick and easy, encouraging guests to spend more from the comfort of their room.

View Bill/Express Checkout

To eliminate the hassle and keep guests informed about their room bill, PMS integrated TV systems allow for guests to preview their current bill directly on the TV at any time during their stay or even check out with the click of a button. Once checked-out, whether via the express checkout feature or via reception, all guest information is removed and the system is ready for new customers. In addition, some Interactive TV Systems have the functionality for housekeeping to notify reception via the TV System that the room is ready for a new guest to be checked in. These features can significantly simplify the day-to-day work of hotel staff and ultimately reduce wait times at reception.

Client Case Study: Champneys Forest Mere

To provide guests with an easy and relaxing stay at their health spa resorts, Champneys wanted to install a range of Hospitality TVs in the rooms at their Forest Mere resort, which integrated with their Property Management System (PMS). 

A range of Samsung Smart TVs were installed in Champneys’ Forest Mere and Hotel TV Company then designed SCRIPTV – an interactive messaging, marketing and purchasing platform that works exclusively with Samsung TVs and enables guests to book directly on the TVs. Samsung’s Smart TVs with the new cloud-based SCRIPTV platform enables Champneys to update content in real-time from any location, thus, keeping guests informed on the latest spa offers and hotel information. This TV system also makes it easy for guests to book a Spa treatment, get a late check-out and purchase gift vouchers. The TV System is seamlessly integrated with the hotel’s Property Management System so guests can preview their room bill before check-out. Therefore, this new TV platform has helped Champneys increase the number in-room purchases and truly impress their guests. 

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