Hotel Safety Equals Revenue Return

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Hotels that show they adhere to global best practices for guest safety are ideally positioned to win a bigger share of the global travel market.

The Challenge

Business travel, hotel and tourism continues to be one of the world’s most dynamic growth industries: Much of this booming growth is driven by digital connectivity and convergence. In today’s connected world, people can plan and buy travel with just a few clicks, outsource to a Travel Management Company, tour operator, travel agent or book through their corporate travel department. 

When safety is a booking factor or preference, how does the traveller know how safe a hotel is or whether the hotel truly invests and cares about a hotel guest’s safety? The following gives and indication to the answer:

- The need for confidence about a hotel’s safety credentials is strongest in the corporate arena – an arena, that shows strong growth and is forecast to be worth $1.7 trillion by 2021. Today, traveller safety and security are very hot topics for business travellers and corporate travel buyers alike.

- In recent years, buyers report growing numbers of enquiries about personal safety from business travellers. Security concerns have caused almost a quarter (23%) of travellers to alter the way they book hotel accommodation. And most travellers need reassurance about hotel safety and security provisions: four-out-of-five (79%) say it’s important to know what security-related features or procedures hotels have in place when traveling for business. 

- Most corporations today include risk management protocols within their travel policy so that they can fulfil their duty of care to their travellers

- Major international hotel brands invest in safety measures, self assess and declare them within their own brand identity, however how consistent they are applied especially as the majority of major hotel brands are franchised is unknown to the traveller.

- Individual or small group brands may apply local code safety standards but these vary considerably around the world e.g. some countries have no local hotel fire codes.

The Opportunity

To profit from the growth of the fast-growing business travel market sector, hotels will need to be able to satisfy corporations, corporate travel buyers, MICE organisers – and, critically, the travellers themselves – that they have readily identifiable and robust measures in place to reduce security risks and safeguard guests. 

The Solution

1. Hotels engage in more open communication of the safety components of their own hotel brand standards to hotel room booking channels.

2. Hotels and hotel room booking channels engage with travel industry associations in promoting awareness of hotel safety and security best practice and consistency of standards. 

3. Hotels engage in independent safety certification programs, which they market at hotel booking stage.

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