Airbnb To Launch New Online Booking Platform

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Airbnb has made an everlasting impact on travel. Travellers can now find somewhere cheap, easy and unique to stay, while property owners can earn some extra cash from their unused property. 

But right now, Airbnb have even bigger fish to fry. They are planning on becoming more than just an accommodation platform, they want to offer their customers personalised recommendations for travel as well as tiered levels of service, which will ensure a standard of stay and provide hosts with more options. 

So how do Airbnb create such a platform? With tech of course! 

Leading this new tech development is the one and only Mike Curtis who is head of engineering for Airbnb. With his team of 40 engineers and a 1,000-strong technology group, Mike and co will crack the code in order to make this new platform. 

Right now the challenge Airbnb technology department have, is mastering how they can provide each traveller with a personalised experience that matches their preferences. 

Airbnb’s end goal is to formulate and end-to-end itinerary based on a customer’s own user history to find destinations that will match each user’s criteria. 

If Airbnb manage to pull this off, they will be able to rival some of the more established travel sites including and Expedia.