Why Should you Care About Sound in your Hotel?

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Customer habits have changed, and their expectations have become clearer. In order to meet the demand, hoteliers have to propose a unique experience. Which are the most important selection criteria for travelers? Why not use sound to make the difference? 

A 2017 study (conducted by Coachomnium) brings some answers for a better understanding of the customers’ expectations. The importance of sound into hotels is especially highlighted. Inside bedrooms or common spaces, sound environment can play a key role in the choice of travellers.   

Listening to their own music in hotel rooms a real expectation for travelers

About half of hotel customers highly appreciate finding docking station in their hotel room in order to listen to music or radio with their smartphone. In 2017, they were 10,9% to think it was a crucial equipment: there is a real interest for compatible devices with personal appliances. 

Noise pollution: second source of irritation for 60,4% of hotel’s customers

The lack of cleanliness is the first source of disturbance for 88,2% of customers. The second is noise pollution: more than 60% of travelers think that noise problems can spoil a stay, especially when it comes from inside of the hotel. 

Speakers and docking stations: two incomplete solutions 

If speakers and docking stations meet some hotel customers’ expectations, they are not made for hotel industry. They need a regular cleaning, can disturb the interior design of the room and can easily be stolen. Some customers may enjoy them but these products bring a lot of constraints for hoteliers.

The importance of TV sound in hotel rooms

92% of hotel guests are watching (and listening !) television in hotel bedrooms. Hotel managers focus on installing high-end TV sets but neglict the sound experience. However, it can make the difference.

In order to meet the demand, some companies are creating innovative sound solutions specially for hotels. For example, a French company has developed NEW’EE : fixed behind a headboard, it transforms it into a sound broadcaster. Hotel guest can listen to tv or their favorite music connecting it with Bluetooth®.

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