Digitisation, the Future of the Hotel Industry

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Digitisation? Yeah, like most hoteliers you know what it is and how important it is, but you haven’t gotten to it yet. You rather spend time with your guest right? After all, this is why you decided to become a hotelier in the first place, not because you always loved sitting behind a desk to do paperwork. But unfortunately, the time when taking amazing care of your guest and making sure their stay went great is no longer enough to insure a steady stream of guest.

The consumption habits of travelers have changed and in the era we live in, the digitisation of your hotel is key to its survival. But don’t only see it as a mere necessity, something that needs to be done, it’s also a great opportunity to showcase all the things you do right, and attracting a whole lot of new customers in the process.

Travellers are connected; connect to them

Be present, be visible, be everywhere. This requires a presence on distribution sites such as Booking and Expedia, but not only. Do not limit your hotel by focusing on these channels. See them as a source of traction for your hotel’s website, you might not know that, but 52% of potential guest finding you on OTAs will look up your website, that’s pretty good no?

Being connected also means having a website that meets the expectations and habits of consumers: great design, quick and simple booking-engine, and very very easy access to information. I cannot stress how important the two last points are, today if 74% of all online bookings are made through OTAs, it’s not because they offer better pricing, but simply because it is EASY to book there, Their process has been streamlined to the extreme and everything has been tested to encourage bookings.

And that's the first step to a successful digitisation, you need a beautiful and intuitive website, with all information clearly payed-out and above all an easy integrated booking-engine! 

Want to make sure your hotel’s website is designed with the latest industry standards and optimized for conversion? Amenitiz’s Website Builder is specifically designed for the hospitality industry and will help you create a state of the art professional website for your hotel in a couple of hours with no technical skills!

Integrate a booking engine on your hotels site

In the UK alone 66% of guest use OTA’s to book their stay and when asked why, 47% of them reply that it’s because their website are easy to use.

Want to win those travelers back ? Make their life easier. Easily accessible information, simple design and lots of pictures are a great start, but the most important thing you can do is implement a very intuitive Booking Engine. Having an intuitive booking system encourages travelers to book through your website and allows you to bypass the large commissions usually levied by OTA.

Hoteliers, now is the time to react!

Obviously, being a tech guy is not what you signed-up for in the first place, nor should you have to do it! But choosing and working with the right tools is an opportunity to gain a clear competitive advantage over your competitors.

This is what Amenitiz’s technology allows you to do. In less than two hours, you can create your own website, create your rooms and manage their prices and availability, your presence on the different distribution provider, on a single platform. Still don’t see the point? Think long term, think about all the hours and the money spent communicating with all your different suppliers, the time spent when you want to change anything on your website. Doesn’t make much sense, does it?

Need a boost? No problem, Amenitiz trains on how to use our tool for free. it’s so simple that we truly believe that in two hours, your new website will be up and running with a fully integrated booking-engine.

Want a quick demo of what Amenitiz has to offer? Register with the form below, one of our experts will call you back within 48 hours.


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