Using 360°/VR Imagery Improves Conversion Rates and Exposure!

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Why Do Customers Prefer 360°/VR Images?

You would seldom make a purchase without having seen the product. Normally, you’d also want to try it out first. This is often more difficult to do when shopping online for hotel rooms, plane seats, cruise cabins or accommodation. Now there’s a new 360°/VR cloud based solution that can help you better demonstrate your offers in a fun engaging way! The clients enjoy a heightened sense of trust and are more likely to make purchases, while your brand benefits greatly from this technological advantage over the competition.

Play Interactive 360°/VR Games With Your Guests

New gamification features provide endless upselling opportunities - You can offer your guests room upgrades, discounts, gifts and additional purchases by demonstrating the value in the most visual and immersive way possible! 

Why are 360°/VR Images Such a Powerful SEO Tool?

Google is rewarding 360°/VR content in its search engine ranking for two reasons:

1. Google says 360°/VR contributes to higher user engagement. “When a viewer feels like they are there, they have a greater sense of the situation. Messages become more impactful.”

2. A greater user experience is driving demand. According to Google’s data, “global search interest for virtual reality on Google has nearly quadrupled in the last year.”

Rewarding 360°/VR content with higher search rankings is the natural path for Google because those are the best results for an ever-growing number of people.

Of this trend, Michal Hubschmann, CEO of VDroom, says that, “VR helps people dream about your property. And the more they dream, the more they book directly. That’s why we invite hotels to try our basic service for themselves. We’re currently offering a free trial, this way everyone can experience the results for themselves.”

Client Case Study - The Wyndham Duisburger Hof Hotel

The Wyndham Duisburger Hof hotel implemented VDroom's solution in all their online marketing - Their content’s average position on Google Search improved by 6 rankings, from 12th place, three months ago, all the way up to its current 6th place! Their overall impressions and clicks increased by +100% and their new 360° and VR content elevated user engagement and trust, improving conversion rates, direct bookings and revenues! Additional KPIs proven include a +20% increase in direct traffic, a +3.5% increase in look to book conversion rates and increased exposure on all search engines.

Review from Daniel Wishnia, Digital Marketing Consultant, GCH Hotels GmbH:

"This product is fun, it’s a very exciting experience! Getting started was easy and the cost effective plans provide the best value for money! The best results we could wish for!"

Quick and Easy Setup - Only 3 Simple Steps

1. Adding 360°/VR imagery to your current image gallery.

2. Creating 360°/VR landing pages for each individual scene.

3. Distributing your images to over +450 search engines.

Come see us at stand 4664 at the show or call us on +972-532868921 or visit our website: to learn more. 

We have a special offer for the exhibit - Get 3 months free trial! We promise a +10% increase in direct traffic within a year or your money back - guaranteed!