A.I. Powered Smart Advertising For Hotels Drives Brand Engagement

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The hospitality industry has been buzzing about ways to use emerging tech since late 2014. Four years later and we’ve noticed great strides in the industry as travel brands have shifted towards immersive technology to boost their marketing and advertising campaigns.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have become synonymous with Immersive Advertising for hotels. Marriott tested an amazing facial recognition campaign in China, where they’ve learned that a majority of their consumers crave enhanced digital capabilities as part of their travel experience. Guests who normally take up to 3 minutes to check in can now check in at a minute or less by scanning their I.D.’s and taking a photo at a kiosk. Room keys and additional details of their stay are dispensed immediately. 

Artificial Intelligence is also being used to test Immersive media. It’s becoming common for hotel brands to use Machine Learning through AR installations, robots, or Voice Recognition to measure and monitor real time optimization.  The best example of this stems from the results of leveraging A.I.Immersive Smart Ads. Offering a high amount of engagement, A.I. powered Smart Ads are more than just a pretty creative. These IAB compliant ad units offer consumer engagement that to date is unmatched. With multiple design and messaging options allowed within the unit, you can show off your newly renovated lobby, tease an upcoming luxury brand launch, show how wedding season can be year round, or feature an exclusive spa deal for prospective consumers all in one ad! 

Immersive Smart Ads offer interactivity at scale, with an array of design options. Animation effects, multiple scenes, interactive hot-spots, gamification, and device motion effects can all be leveraged contingent upon the type of campaign you’re looking to run. There’s also a built in 1-click VR button, giving the AI powered smart ad the ability to engage in VR.

How does A.I. help brand engagement?

The 70+ data touch points collected by Immersive Smart Ads, helps brands pinpoint what messaging works best for target audiences or what kind of imagery works to reach KPI goals. For example, for a luxury hotel launch, showcasing the property’s lush landscape and view of the ocean upon initial load of the ad could be a compelling way to start telling your brand’s story, whereas for a boutique hotel, showcasing a big event happening at the hotel could be a huge win.

What’s great is that if your ad isn’t performing as expected and viewers are more drawn to a different element of the ad (the spa, the restaurant, or the fitness room for example), it can be adjusted to match their preferences within 48 hours. Since an average of 55% of users who see an immersive smart ad engage with it, these optimization efforts can increase ad performance by almost double!

Time to get started.  Run a test. Hop on the bandwagon and watch your brand flourish!

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