3D & VR Spaces for Hospitality: What's the deal?  

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Virtual reality and 3D technologies are causing a lot of excitement in the hospitality sector - let's talk about why! 

What is it about convenience that makes everything seem so much more tempting? It’s certainly not laziness, in fact you’ll find a great deal of enthusiasm from customers looking to book their hotel or spa. The hospitality industry is based around exactly that, ‘hospitality’ - so offering convenience has nothing to do with ease for the apathetic, rather it has everything to do with 'welcoming the excited'. 

The focus of using 3D and VR in the hospitality trade is to 'match the excitement' of your customers by providing a platform that quite literally says "our doors are open to you from the moment you visit our website". This has proven to convert online shoppers into guests because it offers transparency (and therefore a connection), immediate access to your establishment like never before, and accelerates the booking process. 

Let’s look at the case of ‘Kapow’ 

Kapow is an online marketplace based in Chicago, and currently features thousands of unique event venues and bookable experiences.

They wanted to differentiate their online event space booking platform and achieve 3 goals:

- Accelerate the booking process

- Reduce walkthrough requests

- Produce better qualified leads for their clients

To achieve this Kapow rolled out 3D tours of all of the best event spaces they hosted on their online marketplace, and paired this with a fun social media campaign to promote the 3D spaces as they were being captured. 

By swiftly adding 3D tours across their available venues, Kapow achieved their goals. They differentiated their booking experience and successfully improved along the key metrics they were hoping for. Some examples included seeing a 450% increase in time spent engaging with the website, and a 200% increase in page views on Kapow.com. As an additional bonus, their clients are typically happy to explore a venue in immersive 3D as an alternative to an in-person visit, which more than considerably accelerated the booking and planning process.

Having the capacity to showcase their event spaces online gave Kapow the opportunity to provide their prospects with more than sufficient information to make a booking without leaving their desktop (or mobile!). This takes us back to our original question as to what it is exactly about 'convenience' that triggers an end to the decision making process - the answer is simple, convenience means access, and access offers a sense of exclusivity. Often customers can spend hours browsing through photos and text on a website and close their browser feeling no closer to a decision; using 3D and VR technology to showcase an establishment provides exclusive access and places prospects at the front door of a place that they are already excited about - It’s kind of like saying ‘Hey, welcome!’ or better yet ‘You’re already here!’  

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