Five trends driving the hotel industry for 2018

Restaurant Tech Live blog post 1

Hotels recently have put emphasis on technology to advance the guest experience and hotel operations, but it’s a new year and it’s time to evaluate the next big trends to drive the hotel sector forward. We look at the key drivers and the trends that are more likely to dominate. 

Amongst these are trends that are being carried over from 2017, whilst we start to see the first sightings of some transformational products and systems. 

-  API’s –   The capability for information to be shared in our ecosystem will continue to be a trend in hospitality sector for years to come.

-  Machine Learning and AI – Many hoteliers are still in the planning and experimenting all levels of AI, and ways of successfully implementing it into their operational systems. Whilst data is becoming valuable, particularly in this year, it is essential to start developing an AI strategy in order to best learn about your guests. The better this data is analysed to more improved guest experience you can deliver.

-  Acting on data – Particularly with a change in regulations within data restrictions, it’s time hotel companies put an incredible emphasis on their current data. 

-  Wireless charging – Due to a slow global take up on wireless charging standards, travellers have often been reluctant to invest in wireless charged technology. However, Apple has now joined the clan by adding Qi charging to all of it’s new phones to be launched. Therefore, hotels worldwide can now safely make any investments in wireless charging points. 

-  Voice technology – 2017 saw a lot of experimental voice technology and trails within major global chains. However, 2018 appears to be the year of overcoming the obstacles and driving forward to effectively implementing the technology into hotels world spread. A couple of topics including legal rights with regards to guest privacy and labour regulations are still at large, but hoteliers have a huge amount of faith balancing on 2018.