How to make your hotel or restaurant much more accessible to all your customers is the core business of NATIVE.

The Jury of the Tourism For Tomorrow Awards 2017 for Innovation, of the WTTC declared: "While much of the industry continues to make considerable progress on this issue, few have embraced the challenge and opportunity as innovatively as the Spanish company Native Hotels". Vibrating watches with alerts and messages for deaf customers, while signage packs and door signs in Braille help the visually impaired navigate through the hotel, its rooms and bathrooms. They offer, in partnership with InSuit, a uniquely accessible online platform for the travel industry, allowing users with any kind of disability to use a computer to make their holiday choices. In six languages, it can be used by anyone, even if they are unable to see the screen, touch the keyboard or speak to the computer - so long as a person can blow onto a microphone or emit a sound, they can use the platform. Online, using any computer, anywhere. Once on the platform, they can compare a range of hotels standards of accessibility for people with different disabilities. NATIVE main partners are Ability Magazine, Implaser (signalethic and security) and Hearing Software (solutions for hearing impairment), among others. A Dream-Team of accessibility.

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