Filip Kühnel: Speaking at Hotel Facilities Management Expo

Filip Kühnel


Panel Session: Hotel connectivity: Get your head in the cloud

About Filip Kühnel

With a background from Business Administration I have started my working career in the US working in marketing division of PA Dept. of Agriculture. After one year of experience I started as GM of boutique hotel in Prague, where I managed to receive the first ECO-friendly certification for a hotel in the CZECH. My next steps led me to the biggest Czech hotel Chain OREA HOTELS. 3 years as the EAM to the chain GM prepared me to the role of the GM, where I spent another 3 years managing 20 hotels with more than 4000 rooms. I am currently managing partner and director of sales at HOTELTIME SOLUTIONS, the PMS company. In past 3 years, we have managed to penetrate UK and other European countries, East Africa and Middle east. Our unique set of product allow us to become a global player in PMS and POS.

The cloud has moved away from the exclusive domain of technology specialists and is fast becoming a necessary component in the hospitality industry. As consumers expect more and more connected experiences, useful implementation of cloud technology is no longer an option; it's a must.

Get your cloud sorted, and the sky's the limit, so make sure you hear what these experts have to say.

Panel Theatre Hall 8 - Tuesday 14:00 - 14:30

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