Howard Passey: Speaking at Hotel Facilities Management Expo

Howard Passey

The Fire Protection Association

Kitchen extract ductwork – minimising the fire risk

About Howard Passey

Howard has spent eight years in the construction industry working for two main contractors progressing from a position of engineer to site manager. He joined the Fire Protection Association in April 1992 as a Training/Information Officer. Currently holding the position of Principal Consultant he is responsible for helping FPA''s clients with complex and varied projects. In 2017 he was the convener for the insurer working group that created the new Loss Prevention Standard (LPS 2084) on cleaning kitchen ductwork, as a response to concerns regarding poor standards of cleaning of kitchen extract ductwork becoming a rising fire risk.

This talk will outline the common causes of kitchen fires, it will look at how a fire spreads within a catering environment and the precaution measures workers and business owners should be taking as part of their legal duty to manage fire safety in the workplace. As well as outlining guidance documents available it will highlight risks and solutions to mitigate these risks.

Theatre 9 - Wednesday 15.00 - 15.30

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