Kristian Valk: Speaking at Hotel Facilities Management Expo

Kristian Valk


Panel Session: Revolutionising your hotel revenue strategy

About Kristian Valk

Kristian Valk, co-founder of Hotelchamp, combines 15 years of experience in highly competitive markets where he founded more than 50 webshops. Since selling his successful e-commerce business at the end of 2014, he joined fellow co-founder Kasper Middelkoop to establish Hotelchamp. Kristian and his team of 60+ employees have already helped thousands of hotels from over 50 countries boosting their direct bookings. Kristian’s ambition is to help hotels worldwide gain more direct bookings and restore a fair balance between their direct channels and third parties.

How can you increase your revenue? The question is simple but the answer is often a lot more challenging. So, why not let the experts mull this one over and offer their top tips on how you can get more bookings and boost your hotel revenue.

Panel Theatre Hall 8 - Tuesday 15:00 - 15:30

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