Larry Grant: Speaking at Hotel Facilities Management Expo

Larry Grant

Eden Eco Solutions Ltd

Panel Session: Inception to Final Destination: The Comprehensive Guide to Waste Management

About Larry Grant

Larry Grant (Founder and CEO) Eden Eco Solutions Ltd. A strong financial background has given him a keen insight into how the drive for profits has historically dictated the majority of business decisions. He believes that this is changing, however and helps business clients to recognise that with heightened consumer awareness and concern about green issues, demonstrating a care for how their policies and practices impact our fragile planet is actually important to their bottom line. Eden Eco Solutions specialises in the field of environmentally friendly solutions for on-site waste management, waste to energy and water purification. Apart from demonstrating the cost saving benefits, Larry l helps clients to integrate the positive changes that they have made within their sales and marketing story. He firmly believes that implementing the right eco technology can be “good for your business and great for our world.”

This session examines how to manage waste right from its creation, initially considering how to limit the amount of waste being produced. Panellists will also discuss the realities of recycling and managing onsite waste facilities.

Panel Theatre Hall 8 - Wednesday 15:00 - 15:30

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