Luka Berger: Speaking at Hotel Facilities Management Expo

Luka Berger


Panel Session: Voice automation: Let your hotel do the talking

About Luka Berger

Ever since Luka Berger can remember, he’s been drawn to hotels. Something about their service, their prestige, something about the world of hospitality enticed him and made him want to become part of it.

However, he found himself studying economy and specialising in marketing, management and entrepreneurship. 
In the last study year, he took a summer job as a housekeeper in a hotel in West Yellowstone, USA. Discovering
that staff organisation in hotels definitely leaves room for improvement, he decided together with his colleague to build an app – to support each and every hotel in the world in their organisational processes. That’s how Flexkeeping was born. 

Today, Luka has the opportunity to work with various hotels worldwide. Moreover, he can help them being more efficient, organised and to provide better service to their guests – for him, this is one of the best ways of being
part of the hospitality industry.

The possibility of voice controlled rooms once sounded like a sci-fi dream. Now that customers are used to interacting with the likes of Alexa and Google Assistant in their own homes it has become more important than ever for hotels to move with the times, offering rooms where lights can be dimmed without lifting a finger.

Find out the challenges and benefits of investing in voice automation according to the experts.

Panel Theatre Hall 8 - Wednesday 14:00 - 14:30

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