Magdalena Osmola: Speaking at Hotel Facilities Management Expo

Magdalena Osmola

Marketing & Communications Director - Vale do Lobo Resort

Happy is the New Rich: Marketing to the New Society - Staying Ahead of Ever-Changing Expectations

About Magdalena Osmola

Magdalena is a travel marketing strategist captivated by behavioural trends, neuroscience and new lifestyle concepts. With 10 years of multi-market experience across client and agency sides, she is passionate about developing brand strategies for travel businesses.
As Head of Marketing for European tourism association (ETOA) she led global campaigns promoting Europe as a destination. As Head of Marketing for an integrated marketing agency Accord, she developed re-brand concept to promote agency campaigns for clients including Jordan Tourism, Canadian Affair and various hotels and destinations. Subsequently, Magdalena moved to work on brand and concept development for several new openings and hospitality investment projects in a saturated market-Portugal. In 2016/18 she led launch of two new resorts in Algarve building on trends of minimalism and wellbeing. She has co-organised industry events with Google London and other partners (Travel Weekly, Travolution, ECM).
As a typical Millennial mind, Magdalena has a keen interest in digital, holds Tourism Management MA, Google Squared Digital Marketing certification and is an MCIM.

In this session, we will look at the latest cultural and behavioural trends, how the new customer-Earth citizen, makes judgements and decisions which ultimately affect their buying patterns. We will explore the concept of ''''new luxury'''', where status is no longer derived from expensive purchases but is strongly linked with passion, contribution, experience, wellness, community and sustainability. Find out how brands can truly bring out their human side and connect with new audiences. Emotional and good marketing is here to stay - and it will redefine the travel industry. Think: pursuit of happiness, wellbeing, consciousness and biohacking and the travel industry professionals as #architectsofhappiness.

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