Michael De Jongh: Speaking at Hotel Facilities Management Expo

Michael De Jongh


Panel Session: High Tech Hotels: Streamlining your operations

About Michael De Jongh

Michael De Jongh is truly customer obsessed.

Michael joined global hospitality technology company Avvio in July 2018 from UK tech business Sage. He has an extensive background in transformational sales gained in a range of technology-led environments, including heading up global sales functions on fast growth scale-up initiatives for technology firms such as Syniverse, Sybase and Judo.

He’s part of Avvio’s Executive Team and board; bringing entrepreneurial sales and marketing skills and extensive experience in start-ups through to big corporate organisations. Throughout this experience, his passion is building communities and scaling companies, whilst empowering co-workers to think big and punch above.

When starting at Avvio, Michael quickly realised that the sector is experiencing a watershed moment, which Avvio is leading the field in. He believes that hotels must offer their guests a personal digital experience with technology underpinning every aspect of the industry.

His role as Chief Commercial Officer is to unlock the potential for Avvio through ground-breaking technology solutions, thriving ecosystems, driving margin rich revenue and creating compelling value for customers and shareholders.

As technology becomes more and more critical to the hotel and hospitality industries, just about every hotel is now looking to invest in the technologies which will most improve efficiency. Technology which result in streamlined processes will enable staff to spend more time improving the customer experience, turning your guests into brand advocates.

Hear how you can leverage technology to streamline your hotel operations.

Panel Theatre Hall 8 - Wednesday 11:00 - 11:30

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