Michael Wiesebron: Speaking at Hotel Facilities Management Expo

Michael Wiesebron


Panel Session: Hotel connectivity: Get your head in the cloud

About Michael Wiesebron

Holding 7 years of experience within the hotel technology business, adding another 10 years on the practical side, totals Michael Wiesebron work experience to 17 years of proudly working within the hospitality industry. Whilst working at a selection of International companies who have shaped the industry, Michael Wiesebron has been given the opportunity to follow the latest trends and developments in the front seat for years within in the Industry. Thinking of big Data to direct bookings and yield solutions to channel management and automation software. Driven by his passion for travelling and with a clear service minded attitude, the match with the hospitality industry been unavoidable.

The cloud has moved away from the exclusive domain of technology specialists and is fast becoming a necessary component in the hospitality industry. As consumers expect more and more connected experiences, useful implementation of cloud technology is no longer an option; it''s a must.

Get your cloud sorted, and the sky''s the limit, so make sure you hear what these experts have to say.

Panel Theatre Hall 8 - Tuesday 14:00 - 14:30

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