Paritosh Kumar: Speaking at Hotel Facilities Management Expo

Paritosh Kumar

Knowcross Ltd.

The Future of Innovation in Hospitality

About Paritosh Kumar

Paritosh Kumar is Vice President Global Sales and Strategy at Knowcross, a global hotel management software company. He is one of Knowcross’ longest serving employees, with over eight years of experience working within the organisation.

He started his Knowcross journey in 2007 as an Assistant Trainer, coaching hotels on how to use Knowcross products. Within a few months he had progressed to the position of Senior Trainer, travelling across the globe and implementing Knowcross software at various international five star hotels. During this time, he also attended the Institute of Hotel Management (IHM PUSA) in New Delhi, an educational institution known globally for its expertise in the hotel industry.

Paritosh became Global Sales Coordinator in February 2008. After a year of helping the senior sales team with pre-sales support and lead generation, Paritosh progressed to the role of Sales Manager for Key Accounts. He became responsible for delivering the company’s revenue target, and representing the Knowcross brand at various International Trade Shows. During his two years as Sales Manager, Paritosh grew Hyatt Hotel’s account from five hotels to sixty.

One of the biggest milestones for Knowcross was the opening of their New York office. In January 2014, Paritosh took over the US office and was responsible for acquiring some of the company’s biggest clients, including Rosewood.
Paritosh became VP of Sales Strategy in April 2015, and is now incharge of Global Sales for the European and US markets. He is responsible for managing an international team of sales managers, opening Key Accounts and is the driving force behind acquiring new business.

There''s no argument that technology and its intersection with guest experience is hitting us at rapid pace, but with so much discussion around robots, work-flow automation, voice activated rooms, automated housekeeping and a much longer list - the great majority of hotels are yet to implement any of these technologies. What can we expect as the new norms of guest experiences, from pre-booking to arrival, from stay to post stay?

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