Nicolas Boudot: Speaking at Hotel Facilities Management Expo

Nicolas Boudot

VP Sales and Marketing - SoftBank Robotics Europe

Pepper, The Robot: Transforming guests experience.

About Nicolas Boudot

Launched in Japan in June 2014, Pepper is the world''s first social humanoid robot with an emotion engine, which enables him to recognize faces and basic human emotions.
At 120cm tall, Pepper is optimized for human interaction and is able to engage with people through conversation and his touch screen.
Pepper is available today for businesses and schools.
Already more than 12,000 have been sold and over 2,000 companies have already adopted Pepper as an assistant to welcome, inform and entertain visitors in an innovative way.

SoftBank Robotics will present Pepper’s capability to provide a seamless experience by offering a single but comprehensive view of each user. Via connecting to different cloud services, databases, and objects, he enhances his intrinsic capabilities, such as cognitive computing, real-time communication & data collection, to provide more valuable services in the hotel industry.

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