Steffen Schwarzer & Bastian Kneissl: Speaking at Hotel Facilities Management Expo

Steffen Schwarzer & Bastian Kneissl

myLike & MountLytics

How to easily personalise the whole guest journey in minutes.

About Steffen Schwarzer & Bastian Kneissl

Bastian Kneissl wrote his thesis on digital identity cards while researching at the Fraunhofer Institute on the internet of things, big data and identity management before founding the MAPtoSPORTS app. After developing various lean startup concepts, he founded MountLytics with the aim to digitise hotels and great experiences. Voted as spokesmen of the travel tech companies at the German Startup Association he is also setting political impulses.

Steffen Schwarzer is a product marketing expert with over ten years of international experience in managing technical products from solar semiconductors to software solutions. He has worked for start-ups and listed companies in roles ranging from consultant to directors level before joining myLike. Being responsible for business development and hotel customers he is helping hotels to establish strong relations with their guests based on local insights and outstanding experiences.

Efficient guest communication is crucial but often fractured. While selecting the right tools among available hotel marketing solutions may be challenging, the integration and seamless operation of multiple systems is a torment. We showcase an easy way of personalising the whole guest journey by utilising a pre-selected and integrated software stack that provides all relevant functionalities including CRM, e-mail automation, upselling, digital concierge solutions, community management and PMS integration.

Theatre 9 - Wednesday 16.15 - 16.45

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