Thomas Munch-Laursen: Speaking at Hotel Facilities Management Expo

Thomas Munch-Laursen

Aguardio ApS

Aguardio – A smarter way to save water while showering

About Thomas Munch-Laursen

Thomas Munch-Laursen, MSc in Engineering, MBA
CO-founder and CEO at Aguardio ApS,
Has worked 8 years as an engineer in the building industry primarily focusing on research and development. Co-inventor of 5 patents focusing on optimisation of concrete surfaces.
Subsequently worked for 10 years in the energy industry with a focus on business and innovation development. Was responsible for the “Sustainable Cities” R&D programme at Vattenfall including the development of ”The One Tonne Life”.

Aguardio is a physical product installed in the bathroom, facilitating changes in shower behaviour with the aim to reduce water and energy consumption.
ShowerEcoGuide is a solution designed to reduce the shower time meaning: Less water and energy is consumed combined with reduced wastewater discharge means economic savings are achieved.
Reducing hot shower water has a positive impact on water scarcity and CO2 reduction.

Theatre 9 - Tuesday 14.00 - 14.30

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