Valerie Corcias: Speaking at Hotel Facilities Management Expo

Valerie Corcias


How mycoocoon aims to rebalance energy in hospitality

mycoocoon which draws on the healing therapy of chromotherapy. Originating in Asia over a thousand years ago, the concept of chromotherapy uses light with no- flickering in the form of colour to balance physical, emotional, spiritual or mental energy levels in a person''s body.For mycoocoon, we have worked with leading chromotherapists, aromatherapists and nutritionists, to create a holistic healing solution for the 21st Century. It’s an immersive colour experience that combines chromotherapy with leading edge technology. Our aim is to bring wellbeing through colour to people with an active lifestyle – bringing to urban life the same kind of balance and harmony that you feel when you are connected to nature.

Theatre 9 - Tuesday 13.15 - 13.45

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